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Today you will be gathering your ideas and collecting the vocabulary which will be included in your very own poem.


This is a poem all about Michael’s life on the island so far, either as if you are Michael (1st person) or as if you are writing about Michael. Michael has been on quite a journey and so there is a lot to fit in!

The planning template below has been broken up into 4 sections which could form each verse of your poem. If you wish to add more then feel free to do so!


The 4 sections include


  • Michael first landing on the island
  • Seeing Kensuke for the first time
  • Becoming friends with Kensuke and how his daily life then changed
  • Thoughts on home and family


Use the ‘Higher-level Vocabulary’ PDF to help you out with ideas. Could you include any modal verbs from Monday’s grammar lesson?


These could include – may, must, might, ought to, would, can, used to, will.