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In our literacy activity, you shall be learning about the PERFECT tense. 


Remember the three tenses we use in PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE tense. But a little strand off all these is the PERFECT tense.


We use the present perfect and past perfect verb tenses when talking or writing about actions that are completed by the present or by a specific moment in the past or future.


We use the present perfect tense to talk about our experiences in a way that does not refer to when they happened:

I have never been abroad.


We also use this tense to talk about an action which started in the past and is continuous up until now:

I have been a doctor for ten years.


We also use this tense to talk about something that has happened in the past but has a result in the present:

I have lost my passport.




The past perfect is used to talk about an event that was completed in the past before something else happened:


I had just finished cooking the meal when my guests arrived.
I didn't want to watch the film, as I had already seen it.