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Good morning! Today you are going to write up your character description. Remember to follow the checklist as a guide. Here is an example of a character description from the point of view of seeing somebody on the grounds of the old abbey…

Walking through the overgrown grounds of the abbey something caught my eye. Standing, with crooked shoulders, was the silhouette of what looked like an old man. The figure looked lean, with long, rigid arms making it look difficult for it to move. It did move closer though, at a snail’s pace, and in an awkward fashion. I didn’t get the sense of being afraid, quite the opposite and on closer inspection, I could see that the man had gentle eyes and a friendly smile. I could also now see that the man looked like he had been left to roam the abbey grounds for years and years. His dishevelled hair and worn-down leather boots made him appear weather beaten but with something about his aura made me think I could trust him.


I would love for you to send me in your descriptions if you can for me to have a read! Best of luck.