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Lights! Camera! Action!

Lights! Camera! Action!

Stunning Start!

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For our Stunning Start we developed our own movie plan then made the sets and characters out of LEGO. Finally, we brought our ideas to life and shot our own stop motion animation using I-motion. We are film directors in the making!

In Computing, we will continue to develop our skills from the film industry as we bring our persuasive adverts to life on the big screen. We will use our writing in English to help create our adverts using I-movie and green screen technology. We will use our voices, expressions and body language, as well as our written work, to create the most persuasive adverts. 


In Music, we will be exploring a range of music from films and the important role that film music has for a viewer. Our focus will be on Danny Elfman and the music that he composed for different films, as we gain inspiration for our own group compositions. We look forward to using percussion instruments!


In Science, we will be learning all about light. To begin with, we will be exploring what darkness is and the fact that we need light to be present to be able to see things. This is actually a really tricky concept! We will move on to learn that light is reflected from a surface and how our eyes see things. Using our investigative skills, we will observe what happens to the shape and size of shadows when we change one variable - such as the amount of light, the position of the light source or the distance between the object and the light source. Even though it is cold at this time of year, we will warm ourselves up by thinking about the sun and how we need to protect our eyes from it. 


In PSHE, we will be thinking about what the consequences are of taking certain risks, whilst learning that some risk taking is a healthy part of growing up. We will look at different rules that exist in school, at home and in wider society and think about why these rules are important. As we move on to learn about the rights that every child has, we will look at how democracy works and, of course, learn that rights come with responsibilities! To show how we are all different, we will look at the unique values that we have and why we have chosen to value these.