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Places available for our Pre-school and Nursery for September 2022, please complete an application form (available on our website or from the school office) and return to school ASAP as spaces are filling up fast

Lights! Camera! Action!

This half term, we embark on a whole new adventure into life on the stage. We will have our very own stage in class to perform on as well as learning secrets from behind the scenes.


As Writers we will:

  • Write playscripts and persuasive adverts
  • Improve our sentence structure using a range of conjunctions
  • Use powerful verbs in appropriate ways.
  • Use appropriate adverbs
  • Continue to learn spelling rules such as double consonants and suffixes
  • Use appropriate adjectives and enhance our writing using superlatives
  • Use correct verb tenses


As Mathematicians we will be:

  • Adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers with and without exchanging.
  • Adding and subtracting 4-digit numbers with and without exchanging.
  • Estimating answers.
  • Finding equivalent lengths (metres and centimetres)
  • Finding equivalent lengths (millimetres to centimetres)
  • Investigating measurements including kilometres.
  • Adding lengths.
  • Measuring perimeters of rectangles and rectilinear shapes.
  • Multiplication and division.
  • Times table facts.


As Readers we will be:

  • Reading The Sheep Pig by Dick King-Smith.
  • Exploring new vocabulary, plots and characters.
  • Discussing author intent. 
  • Making inferences about characters’ thoughts, feelings and intentions.


As scientists we will be:

  • Exploring that we need light in order to see things and that light is the absence of dark.
  • Investigating how we see things due to light reflecting from different surfaces.
  • Identifying the ways in which the human eye works.
  • Comparing how different materials affect the appearance of shadows and investigating the shapes and sizes of shadows.
  • Comparing how shadows change depending on the time of day.
  • Understanding the dangers of sunlight and what measures we can take to protect our eyes.


As Spanish speakers we will:

  • Read, write and say nouns for family names
  • Say how many family members we have
  • Count to 100
  • Understand the concept of mi and mis
  • Pronounce Spanish words we have learnt correctly.
  • Read, write, listen and speaking prior learning.


As Geographers we will:

  • Name, locate and explore countries in the UK
  • Know the eight points on a compass
  • Know what different regions are famous for
  • Recognise how Manchester has changed over time
  • Identify physical features in each country