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KS1 Playground Project 16/17

September 28

School Council met for their first time today, which was an extremely successful first meeting.

Our first discussion was to ensure every child has a voice within school, therefore suggestions were made to have a School Council board to place ideas up on or a box to place ideas or concerns within. We will then go through these at every meeting.


KS1 Playground

Our first project is the redesign of the KS1 playground, as the school has been successful in a bid to receive money from the Lottery Fund. We met Brian and Craig from Ground Designs, who are redesigning the playground. Part of the criteria for the bid was being physical, so the playground needed to encourage this.

We were all shown the initial designs and were asked to give feedback. Ground Designs have to consider the safety element whilst designing and these restrictions and guidelines were covered.

Craig zoomed in and out of each area of the design and discussed the feature and purpose, giving us the chance to voice our opinion on-going.



        We are very excited and

        enthusiastic about the new

        design and can’t wait to see the

        finished project!

Our First Project!