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Where in the World?


The text that we will be reading which is linked to our India topic is The Tiger and the Wise Man by Andrew Fusek Peters. We will be working on predictions for the story, retelling parts of the story, understanding the characters and answering questions.

Our focus for this half term is:

  • To leave spaces between words
  • To use a capital letter at the beginning of sentences
  • To use a full stop at the end of sentences
  • To write simple sentences


We enjoyed our trip to the library to find non-fiction books about India!



In maths we will work on counting accurately, using 1-1 correspondence. We will work on place value to understand what number mean. We will use Numicon to help us find 1 more or 1 less less than a number.  We will count forwards and backwards in 1s from any given number. We will be using tens and ones to made 1 digit and 2 digit numbers. We will use a whole part model to help us to add and subtract numbers.


Making teen numbers using numicon


Where in the World are we?

In geography we will learn where the United Kingdom is in the United Kingdom. We will use Globes and atlases to find the United Kingdom and India. We will also learn what 4 countries make up the UK. We will compare the Indian village of Chembakolli to Timperley. We will learn what human and physical features are and we will locate them within India and the UK. 

Design and Technology 

We will learn about where food comes from, their nutritional value and why a balanced diet is important. We will design our own vegetable samosa, selecting our own ingredients and spices. We will develop our chopping, grating and peeling skills when we make our own samosa.


We will look at Economic Well Being and we will learn about how people earn money. We will learn why we need money and how we can look after our money. 


We will learn to identify, name and order the seasons. We will describe seasonal changes, in nature, temperature and weather. We will go on a season walk to find out what season we are in now. We will learn to ask a range of questions and we will create investigations. We will learn about day length and how it changes across the different seasons.


We will create a presentation about our India topic, using PowerPoint. We will use a search engine to find images, then copy and paste them into our presentation. We will add text to our work and we will present our work to the class.


We will learn about Judaism and compare celebrations, beliefs and places of worship to Christianity. We will listen to the story of Rama and Sita and the Nativity.