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How do I get about?

During the Autumn term we will be answering our big question of...


How do I get about?


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For the first five weeks of pre-school we will be focusing on settling the children in and helping them become comfortable and familiar in their new environment. We will be carrying out baseline assessments of the children to find out what they can do and decide what their next steps for learning are.


This big question will help us to learn about all the different types of vehicles we can use to travel in. Each week we will have smaller questions to help us answer the overall big question.


Week 6 – How do I get about? Stunning start!

Week 7 – Why are the wheels on the bus round?

Week 8 - Could Rory the race car travel on the tracks? Could Thomas the Tank Engine travel on the road?

Week 9 – What different types of emergency vehicles are there?

Week 10 – How can we get across the sea?

Week 11 – How can we travel in the sky?

Week 12 – Reflection on the big question and fantastic finish!


To start off the topic we will be having a big car wash outside with lots of soap, bubbles and sponges and we will wash our bikes and pretend we are going to the car wash. We will end our topic by making large vehicles out of cardboard boxes! 


Throughout the topic we will have lots of opportunities to engage in fun activities inside and outside of pre-school such as listening to the vehicles we hear passing by outside, driving cars in paint and making patterns with the wheels and singing lots of songs about transport!

Our vehicle topic is lots of fun!