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Houses and Homes

Houses and Homes

Our new topic for Summer is Houses and Homes!  


As Mathematicians we will be:

  • Practising adding and subtracting using number lines and the column method
  • Using arrays and creating multiplication sentences using the X symbol
  • Practising our 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables and related division facts
  • Doubling, halving and recognising even and odd numbers
  • Learning to tell the time to the nearest quarter of an hour


As Readers we will be:

  • Using our phonics to segment and blend sounds until reading becomes fluent
  • Reading words of 2 or more syllables
  • Reading common exception words
  • Reading books aloud
  • Developing our comprehension skills


As Writers we will be:

  • Practising the correct formation of upper and lower case letters
  • Spelling by sounding out using our phonics
  • Learning our Year 2 common misconception words
  • Starting our sentences with a capital letter and ending with a punctuation mark
  • Using finger spaces
  • Creating our own sentences using say it, count it, write it, read it
  • Using conjunctions (and, because, but, when, so) to add extra information in our sentences
  • Developing our vocabulary in our talking, reading and writing
  • Planning, composing and writing stories, letters and reports
  • Reading our writing aloud and making simple corrections when editing our writing


As Scientists we will be:

  • Learning about and exploring habitats including microhabitats
  • Exploring and investigating a range of habitats in different locations such as the savannah and the Arctic
  • Planning and carrying out an investigation to find out where woodlice prefer to live
  • Researching the life and works of the scientist David Attenborough


As Historians we will be:

  • Investigating and identifying different houses
  • Exploring houses from different time periods in my local area
  • Use sources to find out about back-to-back houses
  • Finding out about Victorian houses, their rooms and household objects
  • Considering how and why things change over time


As Geographers we will be:


  • locating the Arctic Circle on a map and identifying the countries which make up part of the Arctic Circle

  • finding out about the climate in the Arctic circle

  • exploring the physical and human features of the Arctic and comparing these to features found in Kenya and Manchester

  • Finding out about the life of an Inuit and how their lifestyle is similar and different to our own and a child in Kenya

  • Researching facts about the Arctic which we will present to our classmates


As Computer Technicians we will be:


Summer 1:

  • creating illustrations in the style of Oliver Jeffers using a paint program

  • finding out how we can 'paint' using an I Pad

  • using 'freehand tools on a paint program including pencil, paint brush and creative effects

  • creating shapes and lines and the fill tool

  • uploading an image as a background on which we will 'layer' our illustrations 

  • comparing using paint and an I Pad to create illustrations and expressing a preference

  • Developing a set of instructions known as an algorithm in computing
  • Practising debugging our algorithm
  • Researching TV Chefs and understanding what makes a good presenter
  • Developing our collaboration skills by working together in specific roles
  • Using technology purposefully
  • Using different features of a video camera and use a video camera to capture moving images


As learners of Religious Education we are continuing to find out more about the big question: What makes some places sacred? 

  • What does sacred mean?
  • Which artefacts are sacred to different faith groups?
  • What do different sacred places look like?
  • What is inside a sacred building?


In PSHE we will be learning about different feelings, relationships and connections to people in our life. 

We will be looking to understand and answer the big questions:

  • How can we understand our emotions and develop strategies to manage them?
  • What is bullying and how can we respect our differences?
  • How can we use the internet to communicate safely?


As Designers we will be:

  • Developing skills of joining, strengthening and stiffening structures
  • Planning, creating and evaluating our own structures


As Artists we will be:

  • Researching the artist Hundertwasser and exploring his work
  • Developing drawing techniques and adding light and dark tones
  • Designing, making and evaluating a piece of artwork in the style of Hundertwasser