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Friday 27th March


Design your own alien. You could use your work book and pencil, felt tips and crayons, chalk outside or even draw it on the computer or tablet! Give your alien a name and label it. 


How many arms, legs and eyes does your alien have?

What colour is your alien? 

Does your alien have big, orange eyes? 

Does your alien have a fluffy tail? 

Does your alien have long, bendy arms? 

Does your alien have sharp, pointy teeth? 

Is your alien fluffy or slimy? 


Miss Hyland would love to see what aliens you create! Take a picture of your work and tweet it to @BroomwoodSchool 



Listen to our tricky word songs. There are two songs to choose from! 


Practise your sounds by saying them to your grown-up and doing the actions. Can you teach your grown-up the actions? 


Phonics - Now it's time to practise your reading! Try your best to read the space sentences to your grown-up. Remember to sound each word out carefully.  Challenge: Can you write your own sentence about space?



Starter: Sing our favourite numbers 1-20 song!


Use your work book and pencil, felt tips and crayons, chalk outside, or any drawing apps on your computer or tablet to draw your own number line. Write the numbers in order on your number line from 0 all the way to 20. Say the numbers as you write them! 


Just like this! 


We are going to use our number line to help us do some adding. Here are some examples to help you! 

Use your number line to find the answers!


4 + 3 =                     7 + 5 = 


12 + 2 =                  14 + 4 = 

Physical Development 

Copy the dance moves to this space song! 


Copy these space patterns into your work book using your pencil. Remember to hold you pencil correctly, just like this! 


Time for talk! 


Take time some to sit down with your grown-up and have a chat about our space topic. 

What have you enjoyed the most?

What is your favourite thing about space?

Would you like to go to space? Why?

What is your favourite planet? Why 

Would you like to visit space in a rocket? Would you travel in something else?

Would you like to meet an astronaut or an alien in space? 



Listen to this wonderful story all about Space!