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Friday 3rd July


Starter: Complete the questions.






Main: Watch today's maths lesson on division and then complete the questions.




Read the text and complete the questions. 


Get your socks ready!


Look at the powerpoint  on recycling.


Discuss how you recycle at home and school. Do you know what can be recycled? Do you know what dusbins you have at home and what each one is for?  Can you check your recycling dustbins and find out what types of materials are in there and write a list of them. 


Now draw a picture of each dustbin and write or draw 3 items that would go into each dustbin ready for recycling. 

Friday drawing afternoon. 

I have started to draw with my little boy on a Friday afternoon and I thought you might want to try it. Watch the tutorial on how to draw a turtle and join in. You will need a pen/ pencil, crayons and paper.