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Friday 27th March



Using your plan from yesterday, write your notes up into a full newspaper report! Use full sentences with capital letters and full stops. Try to use ambitious vocabulary to make your report interesting!


Use the Powerpoint and the Newspaper checklist to make sure that you have included everything. You can also include a picture with a caption at the end.



Today we will be dividing 1 or 2 digit numbers by 100.


When a number is divided by 100, every digit moves two place value columns to the right.


For example,


3 divided by 100 = 0.03

25 divided by 100 = 0.25


Remember to use a zero and a decimal point to keep the place of each digit.

Class Book


How was August’s first experience of a school?

How do we know that the story is set in America? (Homeroom, elective, middle school)


What does August mean when he says that his teacher smiles at her with glassy eyes?


This is metaphor. It means that her eyes look shiny like glass. Why might her eyes be shiny? Why might she be upset or sad for August?


August hints that people treat him differently because of the way that he looks but he doesn’t describe what he looks like. The author has purposefully decided to leave a description out. Why do you think this is?


Can you listen up to 1 hour by the end of the Easter holidays?

Wonder Audiobook R. J. Palacio

Wonder Audiobook R. J. Palacio