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Friday 27th March


Please spend 30 minutes on a reading and 30 minutes on a reading activity. If you are having difficulty logging on or your child hasn't been signed up yet and you think they would benefit, please contact school. 

Key Word Activities 

Here are today's activities to help your child learn to read the words from their word card. 


Idea 1 

What's My Word? Game 

Place the large word card in front of your child and secretly give them a single word from the card to hold above their head. They then have to ask yes/no questions to work out which word they have. 

Questions might be 

  • Does my word have 4 letters?
  • Does my word start with the letter m?
  • Is the last letter in my word an h?
  • Is my word on the top row? 

This game will help your child look carefully at each word and remember what it looks like next time to come to read it. 


Idea 2


Make some dominoes together- use a page from your book or the back of a box if you have one! It would be good to get your child involved in making the dominoes too (make sure they copy the words accurately). Play the game of dominoes, matching the words is a good way to learn the shape of each word and commit it to memory. 


Have fun!

Maths Fluency Games

Here are some Maths games which will help your child build quicker fluency skills. 

Listen to David Walliams Elevenses