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PE With Joe | Thursday 14th May



In this folk tale, the story is set in a reality. A place where the old man really lives. By the end of the story he lives in his dream place. You will have a go at thinking about what your own folk tale would be about. So, think of a place you wouldn’t want to live in (this is the start of your story) then think of a dream place you would like to live (this is the end of your story).

After you have created your reality and dream, have a go at writing your own story using the story board. Can you turn this into a beautiful page of your own story with pictures inspired by the author or the artist Roseau we looked at a few weeks ago?

Extra Creative task – if you have any old jars at home you could create your dream in there, you could even decorate the jar by painting it or put lights inside.




Read through the data handling presentation – can you name each type of graph/chart?

Using the summer holidays line graph activity sheet, answer the questions about the graph.

Guided Reading


Re-read the text from yesterday and remind yourself of the tricky words.


Read the Question Booklet and work through questions 15-19, remember to find the answer in the text for every question – even if you think that you remember it!


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Chapter 4 The Witches