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Year 3 Literacy- The Great Kapok Tree


Click on the White Rose link

Choose Home learning

Choose Week 2

Watch the video that says Equivalent fractions. Make sure that you watch video 1.

Work through the equivalent fractions sheet.



Using the following movements, can you create your own relay race?

  • Pencil jumps
  • half turns
  • star jumps
  • running on the spot
  • lying on the floor

In a space in your house (or outside if you have a garden), make a circuit and decide how many of each jump or movement you need to do and where you will do each one. When you have finished, time yourself completing your circuit. How long did it take?

Challenge yourself to try it again – can you complete it faster?

Could you challenge a member of your family to complete your circuit? Don’t forget to time them too!




For your first lesson of Spanish I thought it would be great to learn the colours of the rainbow so we can display them and show our support for our NHS and key workers.

Draw a rainbow and write the name of the colours inside. Now colour!

Use the colour sheet to help you with spelling and writing these colours.


  • Can you run around you house to find as many things as you can which are these colours?
  • Shout the colour in Spanish when you find something.
  • Which colour did you have the most of in your house?

3SW Class Read- Day 14