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Friday 26th June

Using your research from yesterday and what you have learnt this week plan a biography for Nelson Mandela. You can plan your biography in your books just use the headings from the plan to help you. Next week we will be writing the biography using today's plan.

Multiply 4 Digits by 2 Digits

Topic- Togetherness

How do we demonstrate togetherness with the people in our household?

Create a mind map about activities you have done with your house e.g. watching a film all

together, cooking a meal, having a bbq, clapping outside.

Watch the Tesco advert from lock down. Can you think of any other adverts that have demonstrated togetherness?

Now watch the Oasis video about togetherness.


Here you can see Oasis trying to come up with ways to encourage togetherness. It’s a little bit silly
and isn't real but it is about sharing and doing something together.

Can you come up with your own silly idea for togetherness like this which you could share
with someone in your household?

Tesco Food Love Stories | Now more than ever

A Refreshingly Honest Oasis Ad - Togetherness


#ThisisPE - Reaction Wall

Daily Read

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