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Friday 26.6.2020

Literacy Challenge

Maths Challenge

Topic - Broomwood Values Togetherness


At the moment even if we want to be together with our friends or family or neighbours we have to keep our distance in order to stay safe. 

Even if you can't be together how have you kept in contact with the people you love? 

Tell your adult if you wanted to send a message what would you use?


What would you do if you had no phone or tablet?


Today we are going to create a tool which will allow us to send messages and things to our friends or family without touching them.

Write a message, something kind or a picture on a long, thin strip of paper for a neighbour or a friend or a member of your family. 


To make this you will need:  5 sheets of paper (they can be used paper that you are recycling), 2 elastic bands, scissors, ruler and sellotape.

Your task today is to build a sling shot to deliver a message with... 

Watch the video then you can go and send a message to someone you care about! 

How To Make a Simple Strong Paper Slingshot - Paper Ninja Weapons

Have fun sending people messages!

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