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Friday 24th April

Happy Friday smiley


I hoe you have had a good week and you are nearly ready for a break from home learning over the weekend!


The answer to yesterday's riddle was.... 18! The question wasn't to do with our alphabet but how many letters there are in the words 'the English Alphabet' - t+h+e+a+l etc...!

Well done to those of you who emailed me with the correct answers!


Today's Friday riddle is...You will buy me to eat but never eat me. What am I?


Answers by email please!


Have a great day and a sunny and safe weekend x


Read through the Debate Cards. Who is FOR deforestation and why?

Who is AGAINST deforestation and why?

Today you are going to be writing an argument AGAINST deforestation. What are some of the arguments against it that you can remember from Wednesday?


What are some of the features that you will need to use? Think back to Tuesday.


What are some of the persuasive devices that you can use? Think back to yesterday.


Read the Persuasive Writing Activity document and follow the prompts before writing your own persuasive argument against deforestation.



Today, you will order decimals. Use the image below to help you understand the place value of the numbers then complete the activity sheet. Questions 1-4 are green activities. Questions 5 – 8 are for if you usually do blue group work and questions 9-12 are for purple group

Tenths are larger than hundredths

So    1.2 is bigger than 1.16

1.16 only has 1 tenth whereas 1.2 has 2 tenths. Tenths are larger than hundredths.

PE Activity

Billy Blanks' Tae Bo Kicks for Kids

It’s a long lesson – 40 minutes! Can you do the first 20 minutes? Try and keep up with Billy! If you really want to carry on, have some water and a break first!




For your first lesson of Spanish I thought it would be great to learn the colours of the rainbow so we can display them and show our support for our NHS and key workers.

Draw a rainbow and write the name of the colours inside. Now colour!

Use the colour sheet to help you with spelling and writing these colours.


  • Can you run around you house to find as many things as you can which are these colours?
  • Shout the colour in Spanish when you find something.


Which colour did you have the most of in your house?

Class Read

Listen to the rest of the book today.

Can you summarise the story in 1-2 sentences to a member of your family? (Remember to include the 5ws and the main events!). Did you enjoy the story? Why/why not? What was your favourite part. Discuss these points.