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Fulltime places now available for our Pre-school for September 2021, please complete an application form (available on our website) and return to school or contact us for more information


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Friday 1st May

Literacy- Reading Comprehension


Read the text about the Daintree Rainforest and then answer the questions. Remember you do not need to print it out you can just write your answers in your book.


Today you will be adding fractions. Read through the PowerPoint and then have a go at the adding fractions sheet. Then challenge yourself to try the extra challenge sheet.

Guided Reading

To finish off a week of hard work, spend the guided reading session reading to yourself or a grown up in your house. Remember that you can read anything - your favourite story book; a magazine; a comic; a set of instructions for a game that you have or a recipe in a cooking book.

Extra wellbeing activity if you would like it:

This is an extra activity that you can do today, or whenever you have some free time, to help you to recognise the different feelings that you have.

3SW Class Read- Day 19