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Friday 19th June


Phonics: Write sentences for the suffix words we have been using all week. You can use your own if you prefer.


Musician, physician, attention, dietician, comprehension, extension, magician, intention, beautician and percussion.


Main: Read through your writing yesterday. Think about how it can be edited and up levelled. Use the checklist to ensure that you have used a range of the features.


Ask your adult to email a photograph of your writing to the year 4 email address. I would love to read it!

Starter: Watch another 7 times table song


Click on the link to play the game hit the button


Main : Watch yesterday’s subtraction lesson video if you need a reminder of how answer subtraction questions using the column method. Now answer the questions using the column method.




Read the life on an emperor and answer the questions on it.




Log into Joe Wick’s you tube channel to complete today’s workout.


During lock down you have been spending a  lot of time with your family. Family time is always good as you get to learn knew things about each other. It would be nice to keep a memory of this special time . See if you can go into your garden or on your next walk and collect a stone for each person in your family. I would like you to paint each stone with the family member's name and a picture to represent them. When you have finished, you can put them somewhere in your house to remind you of how together you all make a great team. 




Class read:

Listen to the rest of the audio from yesterday "The Giraffe, the pelly and me".