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Friday 26th June

Wake up shake up

Enjoy your Mario Bros work out!


Starter: Complete the apostrophe activity and mark it. 


Main: Today I would like you to send me a photograph of your keyworker Lego minifigure work if that is okay with your adult. Today's main task is to create a 5 mins presentation that you may want to video, all about your keyworker Lego person. I want you to plan what you will talk about first and then next. Decide what you will wear for the presentation. Also think about what makes a good speaker? A clear and loud voice is a necessity for a good speaker. Confidence is also something that makes a great speaker. smiley. I would love to see some of your video presentations . If your adult would like to email your presentation video to me, that would be great! Take your time preparing and enjoy your task for today!  



Play the coconut game choosing the correct multiples of 8.


Main: Today we are going to be answering questions using the abstract with 3 digits. Watch the video to learn how to do this and then complete the questions on the sheet. The answers are further below.


65 x 3 =

65 x 2 =

72 x 5 =

64 x 3 =

65 x 4 =

71 x 3 =

55 x 3 =

72 x 3 =

72 x 4 =

39 x 4 =

41 x 4 =

67 x 3 =




65 x 3 =195

65 x 2 =130

72 x 5 =360

64 x 3 =192

65 x 4 =260

71 x 3 =213

55 x 3 =165

72 x 3 =216

72 x 4 =288

39 x 4 =

41 x 4 =

67 x 3 =


Read the text and answer the questions. 



Create a new obstacle today or use the one from last lesson and perfect anything needed. For example you may need to add in another skill. e.g star jumps.



There are many famous people in the world who nurtured others, but one particular person is  Florence Knightingale. Watch the video to learn about her and how she helped others.


After the video I would like yo to think about what Florence would need if she was helping somebody? What would she keep in her medical bag? I would like you to be as creative as possble to make or design a medical bag with its instruments that Florence would use. You could paint it, make a 3d bag, 2d bag or do it on a laptop.

Please post it on twitter or email it over so that I can see your wonderful work. smiley

Class read

Enjoy the last short story by Ted Hughes.