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Friday 19.6.2020

Good Morning Pre-School fabulous Friday has come round again, nearly time for the weekend and I hope you have all had a great week.


Reading, C & L, UW— People & Communities, EAD


At the weekend on Sunday there is going to be a special day Father’s Day when we think about a special person in your family.


First of all listen to the short story about families…


Then you are going to make your own card to send to a special person for Father’s Day to show them how much you appreciate them. 

Families Book

All families are different

Have a go at making a Father's Day card, it can be for Daddy or a special person who looks after you. 


What you need:

2 pieces of card or paper in different colours



paint or crayons or felt tips


What to do:

  • Cut out the shape of a fish from one of the pieces of card
  • Decorate using fingertips to create fish scales
  • Draw on an eye and a smile
  • Fold the second piece of paper in half
  • Stick the fish shape on the front 
  • Grown ups write the message Daddy you are fin-tastic on the front above the fish
  • (if you are making the card for another special person swop Daddy for another name)
  • Write your name or draw a picture inside the card so Daddy will know who it is from!


Fish card sequence

Talk through the special Father’s Dad sheet and grown ups write what the children say about their dad/Grandad/Uncle or special person.


As a special treat for Father's Day you could make Gruffalo claws...You will need your grown up to help you with this part. Make 3 small slits with a knife into one side of the Jaffa Cake then push the flaked almond into the slit.

Maths and PD


Practise counting and saying numbers in order go to 5 first if your children are confident go to 10.


Today we are going to make a wiggly pasta snake just like in the Gruffalo. 


You will need:

Pasta tubes


String or wool.


Adults tie the first pasta tube onto the string.


Put the pasta in a bowl ask “is there lots of pasta?”


Model how to thread the pasta onto the string.


Then ask the children:

· Can you thread one piece of pasta on the string?

· Can you get two more? 

· Is there more pasta on your string or in the bowl?

· Can you get one more to put on the string?

Increase the amount of pasta you ask the children to thread depending on their confidence.

Thread at least 10 pieces.


Say the number names in order encouraging the children to touch the pasta pieces they have threaded as they count.


Ask is there more pasta on the snake or more pasta in the bowl?



Pasta Snake

Physical Development


Go on a walk with your grown up to Broomwood Woods or a park or woodland near you.


As you travel to the woods can you move in different ways?  

Try hopping, or jumping or take giant Gruffalo strides or little mouse steps.


What can you see in the deep dark wood?  

In the Gruffalo story there was an underground house, a treetop house and a log pile house. On your walk can you see any animal homes? Which animals live there?


Take a notebook with you and if you see an animal home draw a picture of what you see or ask your grown up if they have a phone camera to take a photo. You could email or tweet your pictures and I will see what animal homes I have in my garden and we could make an animal homes photo book.