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Friday 17th April

Hello, we hope that you have enjoyed beginning our new topic, The Rainforest, this week. Enjoy today's activities and relax this weekend! Mrs Cannon and Mr Walker 

Year 3 Literacy- The Great Kapok Tree- Day 4


Today we are continuing to look at tenths, however the focus is on understanding how to write tenths as decimal numbers. Have look through the PowerPoint and try the tenths activities. Have a go at the tenths sheet first and then the tenths as a decimal sheet afterwards. As always, just do as much as you can and the answers are attached too. 

Please note that there is a mistake in the answers. Question 8B - I am sure you have all realised that the sign means less than, so 0.8 is less than 9 tenths. Well done to anyone who spotted this!

Guided Reading

Try the follow up activity today


Click on the links to learn about the water cycle. Then work through the PowerPoint that explains the processes of the water cycle.

Using the worksheet to help you, draw a diagram of how the water cycle works. Underneath write an explanation of how the cycle works.

Read the information about how rainforests play an important role in the water cycle.

Complete the rainforest reading comprehension.

3SW Class Read- Day 9