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Friday 17th April


Today we are going to choose our favourite part of the story “Hansel and Gretel”. 

You can listen to the story again

Here is a lovely song to help you remember the story 


Now you need to decide which part you like the most. Draw and colour in a picture of your favourite part. 


Here are some pictures to help you choose! 


Once you have drawn your picture, you need to write a sentence to describe what is happening. 


Miss Hyland’s favourite part is when Hansel and Gretel find the gingerbread house covered in yummy sweets! 


My sentence could be something like this: 

  • Hansel and Gretel find a house in the woods. 
  • It has soft and gooey sweets.
  • It has stripy candy canes. 



Remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop in your sentence! 


Here is a word mat to help you spell some key words from the story: 


Practice your sounds. Remember to do your actions too! 


Now practice reading your red words using this game from phonics play. Ask your grown-up to help to click on “Tricky Word Trucks” and select phase 2 or phase 3 tricky words.


Remember to practice:   you      was


Main activity: I Spy and Read! 

Try your best to read each word. Write it down and add your sound buttons to help you. Once you have read the word correctly, try and spy the matching picture! 


Challenge: Can you write a new word to match one of the other pictures? 



   fox    blow    teeth     frog    book 

queen     pig    sleep    hen    path 

Physical Development 

Activity 1

Can you do star jumps for 1 minute. How many did you do? Can you beat your score by trying again?

Activity 2

Can you do 10 bunny jumps? How far can you travel?

How high can you jump?


Design a wacky witch from the Story Hansel and Gretel and give her a name. You can use any media: playdough, drawing tools, paint, collage materials or technology.  You could ask your grown up to download a drawing app on your tablet/phone so you could design it on that. 


Still image for this video

Each Peach Pear Plum

I TRIED TO FILM THIS SO MANY TIMES! It wouldn't load- so I've had to youtube it.. Have a fantastic weekend. Miss Hawkins