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Afterschool clubs available now to book on Parent Pay. Clubs will start on Monday 22nd September. Book now to avoid disappointment. Please see 'extra curricular activities' on website for a full list of the clubs available


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Friday 15th



There are lots of different species of monkey. Look at all of these different kinds. 

Which one is your favourite?

Which one is the most interesting?


Why don't you, with the help of your grown up research some facts about different types of monkeys. 




Can you create your own rhyme like five cheeky monkeys.

What animal will you choose?

What will they be jumping on?

Who will mummy call?

What will they say?


Matching numbers with amounts

Pick a number between 1 and 10.

 See if you can show that number in different ways.


Can you write the numeral, show it on your fingers, find that many objects or jump that many times?



Finish the rhyme

Get your adult to read you a rhyming story, see if you can say the final word in the rhyme.

 It helps if you use plenty of intonation and expression as the story or rhyme is recounted.


If you can't don't have any rhyming books then you can read along with the story

'Frog on a log'

Frog on a Log - Kids Books Read Aloud