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Friday 15th May


Today we are going to write some exciting words, using our senses, about the forest that Little Red Riding Hood walks through when she first meet the Big Bad Wolf.


You can choose one of these pictures to write about. Use your imagination and senses to help you!


What can you see?

What can you feel?

What can you hear?

What can you smell?



Here are some descriptive words to help you:


green leaves, deep and dark forest, tall trees, birds tweeting, trees swaying, whistling wind, crunchy twigs, fresh flowers, bumpy rocks, squelchy mud


Once you have written some words, choose your favourite word and put it into a sentence.



Practice your sounds and actions!




Sing our tricky word song to practice reading your red words!



Go onto phonics play and have a go at playing ‘pick a picture’. Ask your grown-up to help you click on ‘phase 2’ or ‘phase 3’.



Treasure map!


Can you make your own treasure map?  With coordinates?




Physical development

Pe With Joe Wicks




Watch the Big Bad wolf and the seven kids.

Can you make some finger puppets of the characters and retell the story to your grown up.


End of the day

Time To Talk

Just like the monkeys, sometimes we get hurt. Should we try our best to not get hurt or is it sometimes okay? Is it better to be scared and not try something or have a go? Can you be too brave?