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Friday 12th June

Well Year Two it's Fabulous Friday, nearly the weekend. I hope you have enjoyed our activities this week.


Our Friday song is one Miss Walton from Pre-school loves to dance to; when you return to school you'll have to ask her to teach you the routine or you could copy the dancers on the video. 


 Steps 5,6,7,8:

If you have any songs you love that you would like to start our day with send me the name of your song.


Our Literacy challenge today is a reading comprehension all about animals in hot places.

Read the sheet carefully and then answer the questions. Remember to refer back to the text if you are not sure of the answer. The answer sheets are attached below for you to check your answers once you have completed the task.

Topic Broomwood School Values


Our activity today could fit four of our five school values and teaches us some science - what could this be I hear you ask!

We are going to make ice-cream! Mmmm yum, yum -  treat for a Friday!

How does this fit our values?

Commitment - we have to keep rattling and rolling and stirring for a full ten minutes without stopping!

Welcoming - what could be more welcoming than being offered a bowl of ice-cream.

Nurturing - feeling sad? A bowl of ice-cream with a friend could really cheer you up.

Togetherness - come together over a bowl of ice cream and enjoy making it together.


Follow the recipe carefully, you may want to take turns stirring and rattling the mix in the ice, it does make your arms ache. Don't put your hands in the ice, it is so cold it could burn, use a spoon.




What you will need:

Equipment: 2 x zip lock bags, bucket or large bowl, wooden spoon


250 ml whole milk

1 tablespoon white sugar

1/4 teaspoon Vanilla Flavouring

12 tablespoons of Rock Salt

Bag of Ice


· Place one zip lock bag inside the other bag

· Pour the milk, sugar and vanilla flavouring in the inner bag

· Seal both bags, squeeze as much air out of the bags as you can

· Fill a bucket or large bowl with ice

· Add the rock salt to the ice

· Place your bags of milk mix in the ice

· Stir, shake and rattle the bag of milk. It has to keep moving within the ice, I used a wooden spoon to give mine moving.

· After about 10 minutes open your bags

· Scoop out the vanilla ice cream

· Add some sprinkles and enjoy!

· Share it with your grown up!


Miss Walton and I had raspberry sauce, mini marshmallows and chocolate hearts on ours! We thought it was yummy.

Was it delicious? How did the milk change? Would this be a healthy snack or a treat?



Miss Walton and I making and eating our ice-cream...

The Science Behind Ice Cream in a Bag:

The salt added to the ice lowers the melting point of the ice (temperature at which the ice will melt).  In order for the ice to melt, it has to absorb heat from it’s surroundings in this experiment the milk mixture in the bag. The ice pulls the heat away from the milk mixture so it can melt which allows the ice cream to freeze. 


Let’s do some exercise to work off that ice-cream!


Play  - Top Gear


Equipment:  Any outdoor space for children to run about in


Children become vehicles, following the leader’s instructions, as follows:


1st gear – walking slowly, watching for clear spaces using arms to steer, as if using a car steering wheel


2nd gear – marching with bigger strides, arms as before


3rd gear – jogging slowly, with arms as before


4th gear – galloping, with arms as before


Top gear – sprinting, with arms as before


Crash! – Children freeze with hands in fronts of faces


Reverse – Children walk backwards looking in turn to each side behind them to avoid any other cars and beeping like a reversing lorry.


Leader can either go through the gears up and down, or vary it by moving to different gears at random