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This half term our topic work will be based around the theme of fire! 


As Scientists we will be: 

  • Looking at materials and their properties
  • Investigating whether certain materials are suitable for specific uses.
  • Looking at a famous scientist/designer who created an invention that we still use today


As Historians we will be:

  • Examining clues, pictures and artefacts to find out about the past.
  • Learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. 
  • Singing the rhyme 'Remember, remember, the fifth of November' to find clues before retelling the story of Guy Fawkes through drama.
  • Finding out about the Great Fire of London using evidence such as fire equipment that was used in the Great Fire and the diary of Samuel Pepys.


As Geographers we will be:

  • Answering the big questions Where do I live?  How do I know?.
  • Locating the four countries of Great Britain on the map and the capital cities.
  • Thinking about the different types of environment we have within our country and begin to discuss what environment we live in ourselves.
  • Focusing on London and learn a few of the famous landmarks that can be seen there.


As Computer Technicians we will be:

  • Creating greetings cards for celebrations
  • Practising our typing skills to add messages to cards
  • Learning how to accurately search for images and copy&paste them onto their final greetings cards.


As Artists we will be:

  •  Studying the Cubist artist Pablo Picasso. 
  • Exploring the use of colour to show mood in pictures and the use of shape to create a cubist picture. 
  • Create a Picasso inspired self-portrait in front of a scene from the Great Fire of London. 


As Musicians we will be:

  • Preparing for our Christmas Play; learning several songs to share during our performance. 
  • Learning how to project our voices, enunciate and sing as part of a group.


In Religious Education  we will be:

  • Exploring the question: What is a Muslim and what do they believe?
  • Investigating the meaning of different religious artefacts.
  • Asking questions and finding out more from a Muslim visitor.


In PE we will be:

  • Learning a dance to our Christmas song for our Christmas performance.
  • Taking part in physical indoor and outdoor games.
  • Taking part in our daily mile run (Running 1 mile, 3 times across two weeks).




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