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Please access your child's daily work from your child's year page and select your child's class. Please take care and keep safe.


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Daily Work

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Hello Lovely Year 1,


Missing your smiles and news, I can't wait to see you all again, stay safe and well, help your grown ups, remember to give them lots of hugs! Work as hard at home as you do at school for me!

I hope you had a fabulous Easter holidays and enjoyed the lovely sunshine. 

Have a try at our work for this week, enjoy being story detectives, let me know how you got on - can you ask your adult to tweet and share your work or send me an email, it would be lovely to hear from you and see how you are getting on.

Mrs Walton

We are aware some families do not have access to a printer, please do not worry the activities can be adapted. You don't need to print the work sheets, create sub-headings to match in your exercise book and just write the answers, sentences or create the pictures in your book, it is okay to complete the task in a way which matches the resources you have available. 

Hello Lovely Year 1,


I hope you had a fabulous bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the 75th VE Day celebrations, my road had a lovely street party, the bunting was put up and we shared cake and drinks; keeping our two metres distance of course to stay safe. I hope yours was as fun as mine. Let me know how you celebrated.  

Who can tell me what VE stands for? Email me with your answers, a little treat when we get back to school for all the correct answers!


Mrs Walton


Phonics: Set 1,2 and 3 sounds. Practice reading and writing words containing these sounds everyday.

Have a look at the e-safety website, remind yourself how to stay safe on the internet!