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Together we believe, Together we achieve

Our Mission Statement for children at Broomwood Primary school is:

To create a positive, enjoyable atmosphere to inspire all to learn and grow.

At Broomwood Primary School we want to engage and motivate our children with their learning. We want to make the curriculum that we teach as exciting and as relevant as possible, which is why as a staff we have chosen to teach in a more topic based way. We recognise that a broad, balanced and rich curriculum is the most effective way of achieving high standards and standards that are sustained into high school. We want all our children to enjoy learning and become lifelong learners. For this they need to have all their areas of interest and enthusiasm valued and supported.


We implement the statutory national curriculum for primary schools:


If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly

The intent of our curriculum is:


To inspire all children to become successful, resilient, life-long learners through an inclusive and challenging curriculum


The implementation of our curriculum:


  • Stunning starts are used at the start of each topic to engage, set a context and motivate children about the new learning that will take place. They are used as a point to generate questions, enabling where possible for the interest of the children to be taken into consideration within the topic.
  • Fantastic finishes are used to celebrate children’s learning and achievements; create life long memories which promote an enjoyable school culture
  • Whilst subjects are recognised individually, and children know what they learn in each subject, they are taught under the umbrella of a particular topic. This enables the children to create links between different subjects, develop and apply skills in a range of contexts.
  • Whilst taught in a creative manner, our curriculum is designed to ensure that we cover all aspects of the national curriculum in an inclusive manner. As a school it is a priority that the children receive a broad and balanced curriculum throughout the whole of their school journey
  • Cross-curricular teaching and teaching with real world experiences, such as using trips and visitors is integral to our school curriculum. We believe it gives the children experiences that some within our context would otherwise not have. Extending learning with such opportunities makes learning more relevant to the children; creates greater positivity about learning and encourages the children to develop a love for learning.
  • All work is celebrated within a topic book. As learning within all subjects incorporates a multi-sensory approach, evidence of learning is provided in a number of ways with a great emphasis on presentation and creativity.
  • Cooperative learning is used within our curriculum through the implementation of kagan structures. This improves social skills and cooperativeness between pupils; ensures that all pupils are actively engaged in their learning; supports all academic abilities and means that children become less reliant on the class teacher for support.
  • Within the year, whole school theme weeks such as STEM, Well-being etc… are built into our curriculum. This prioritises different subjects and gives the children opportunities to deepen their knowledge, develop skills at a higher level and often try something new.
  • We have developed a more exploratory and problem solving approach to our curriculum in order to develop resilience. Children experience success and failure in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Within our curriculum, we prepare the children for life in the real world by providing them with experiences to empathise, perform and communicate in the community. This supports the children in becoming well rounded individuals, whilst building on their own self- esteem, confidence and mental health.
  • Our curriculum is enhanced by a great range of extra- curricular activities which are used to further children’s interests and learning. There is limited cost in order for them to be inclusive to all.
  • Our curriculum is further enhanced with the use of some specialist teaching to provide further opportunities for children in literacy, music, art, sport, dance and musical theatre.