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As Mathematicians this term we will be learning about place value. We will be: 

  • Looking at numbers to 10/20
  • Counting forwards and backwards to 10/20
  • Representing numbers to 10/20
  • One more and one less
  • Comparing objects within 10/20
  • Comparing numbers within 10/20
  • Ordering numbers within 10/20 and looking at a number line
  • Addition and subtraction within 10/20.


Our Texts for this half term: Flotsam and The Wiseman and The Tiger

As English Readers and Writers this half term we will be exploring the the story of Flotsam, The Tiger and the Wise Man and exploring non-fiction texts about India. We will use our topic of Investigating India to inspire our writing. We will be:

  • Revising Set 1 and learning set 2 sounds in phonics
  • Practicing letter and number formation as part of handwriting
  • Sequencing events from a story
  • Acting out different scenes and exploring what each character is like
  • Writing sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
  • Applying our phonic knowledge to segment and blend to read and write words.
Our Topics this term will be New Beginnings and Investigating India.

Investigating India

As Scientists we will be:

- Observing the changes that occur across the seasons of the year

- Observing and describing how the weather changes across the season

- Observing and describing how the day length varies across the year


As Geographers we will be: 

- Locating the seven continents on a globe and world map 

- Locating the UK and India on a globe and world map and in relation to the continents

- Comparing biomes across India

- Comparing the weather and climate between the UK and India

- Setting up a weather station

- Comparing the life of a child in Chembakolli and Timperley

- Creating a tourist guide for a specific area or landmark within India


As Design Technicians we will be:

- Looking at a specific design problem and creating a design brief for us to work towards

- Exploring a variety of healthy snacks and using some standard language to compare them

- Developing our skills of cutting, chopping, peeling and grating

- Designing our own healthy snack that children can bring to school

- Making and evaluating our own healthy snack that children can bring to school


As Computer Technicians we will be:

- Investigating how we can use technology to present information

- Using software to create a presentation about a specific subject

- Evaluating the success of our presentations and editing when and where necessary


As Musicians we will be:

- Listening to and appraising different types of music

- Learning a song and practicing performing it together

- Playing some musical instrument s to add to our singing

- Composing some of our own parts to add to our final performance


As Artists we will be:

- Comparing and contrasting the art work of William Morris with traditional Indian Rangoli patterns

- Exploring the use of printing to create art work

- Designing our own piece or art using the method of printing

- Making and evaluating our own piece of art using the method of printing


As part of our Religious studies we will be:

- finding out about people's beliefs, what, how and why they celebrate and the different festivals.