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Circle of Life

Circle of Life

Our topic this term will be based upon the Circle of Life.


As Scientists we will be:

  • Finding out about the basic needs of animals and humans for survival
  • Understanding that animals and humans have offspring that grow into adults
  • Making observations and suggesting possible answers to our questions
  • Identifying and naming animals that are classified as herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.
  • Describing how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals
  • Developing simple food chains and name different sources of food
  • Exploring the difference between things that are living, dead and that have never been alive.
  • Identifying and naming a variety of common, wild and garden plants
  • Identifying and naming a variety of deciduous and evergreen trees 


As Geographers we will be:

  • Naming and identifying the location of the seven continents.
  • Locating England and Kenya in relation to their continent location.
  • Looking at the climate differences in England and Kenya, what is the weather like and temperature. Considering the effect location to the North and South Pole and the Equator affects the climate in these countries.
  • Identifying African animals and how the landscape affects their choice of habitat.
  • Using compass directions North, South, East and West, using these to identify location and move around an aerial plan grid. 
  • Identifying the different landscapes and environments in Africa including rain forest, savanna


As Computer Technicians we will be:

  • Using iMovie to become storytellers
  • Learning how to stay safe online


As Artists we will be:
  • Studying the sculptor and photographer Andy Goldsworthy.
  • Learning about his work and give our opinions on it.
  • Using his work as  inspiration for our own.
  • Using natural resources to print a class picture.
  • Designing and create 3D artwork and take photos of them.
  • Evaluating our finished artwork.


As Design Technologists we will be:

  •  Learning about healthy snacks.
  •  Looking at a range of snacks available to buy in shops  
  • Analysing them for taste, appearance and how healthy they are.
  • Learning food preparation skills ready to design and make our own fruit snacks.
  • Evaluating our final product.


As explorers of Religious Education we will be:

  • Looking at the big question: 'What can we learn from sacred books?'
  • Recognising that sacred texts contain stories that are special to many people
  • Retelling stories from different sacred texts and suggesting what they mean
  • Asking questions and talking about issues of good, bad,right or wrong.



As Musicians we will be:

  • Singing and performing songs.
  • Learning about different music terminology.



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