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Autumn: The Vikings

The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

As Mathematicians, we will learn how to:

  • read and write the value of three digit numbers - hundreds, tens and ones
  • find ten and one hundred more and less that a three digit number
  • compare and order numbers to one thousand
  • count in fifties
  • add and subtract multiples of one hundred
  • add and subtract one, two and three digit numbers to three digit numbers
  • look for patterns within the three, four and eight multiplication tables
  • count in equal groups of three, four and eight
  • divide multiples of three, four and eight into equal groups
  • continue to improve our quick recall of the two, five, ten, three and four multiplication tables


As Writers, within our recount writing we will learn how to:

  • punctuate our sentences with capital letters and full stops
  • sequence information in chronological order
  • use time phrases to transition between events
  • to write using the past tense


As Writers, within our quest story writing, we will learn how to:

  • describe a setting
  • introduce and describe characters
  • use powerful verbs and adjectives
  • punctuate dialogue
  • include a dilemma


As Scientists, we will:

  • explore the properties of rocks
  • classify and group rocks based on their physical properties
  • recognise that soils are made from organic matter
  • investigate the permeability of rocks and soils
  • describe how fossils are formed 


As individuals who value our health and well being, in PSHE we will learn how to:

  • learn how to ask for help if we are worried about something
  • identify the things and people that you need to stay safe from
  • know how to get help in an emergency
  • recognise our self worth and be proud of our achievements
  • set targets and goals
  • describe our feelings and understand conflicting feelings
  • understand what makes a balanced diet
  • understand how exercise effects your body and why our lungs and heart are important organs
  • understand what is meant by the term habit and why habits can be hard to change


As Historians, we will:

  • find about when the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings settled in Britain and the impact they had on the country
  • learn about Viking raids and invasions
  • discover how Vikings travelled
  • examine the Anglo-Saxon resistance to the Viking invasion

  • find out about different Viking invasions
  • compare laws and justice in Viking Britain, Anglo-Saxon Britain and Britain today.
  • discuss who the rightful heir to the throne was in the events leading up to the Battle of Hastings


As Artists, we will:

  • understand and identify complementary colours
  • Appreciate the work of artist Henri Rousseau
  • use sketch books to practice a range of techniques using a range of tools
  • create our own post-impressionist art work inspired by Henri Rousseau


As Design Technicians, we will:

  • explore and investigate mechanisms
  • plan and design a product using levers and linkages
  • make and evaluate our product against a design brief


As Computer Technicians, we will:

  • understand the purpose of computer games and explain how they work
  • identify Viking settlements that were in Britain and explore Spheros
  • programme a sphero and set a challenging course for a partner to follow


As Musicians, we will:

  • understand how singing played a part in Viking history
  • write lyrics to our own saga
  • compose and perform a piece of music for our saga


As Athletes, we will:

  • move safely and effectively
  • dribble a basketball with control
  • pass the ball in a range of ways
  • understand the importance of using space on the court
  • develop and perform a dance linked to the Vikings