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Autumn Term - What do I know about me?

During this first term we will be learning all about ourselves - what we look like, where we live and how our bodies work.


As communicators we will be:

  • Using the past and present tense correctly
  • Naming a variety of body parts, including some bones and organs
  • Retelling stories in our play


As readers and writers we will be:

  • Creating story maps
  • Sequencing stories
  • Learning all of the alphabet sounds and how to write them
  • Listening for initial sounds in words and trying to use them in our writing
  • Having a go at segmenting  CVC words so that we can write simple label
  • Blending CVC words to read them
  • Retelling and joining in with familiar stories


As mathematicians we will be:

  • Measuring and comparing our height and our shoe size
  • Counting actions and objects, trying to learn how to do 1:1 counting
  • Learning different strategies to make our counting more accurate
  • Learning to recognise numbers to 10 and count beyond orally


As scientists, historians and geographers we will be:

  • Learning about why we have a skeleton and locate some of the bones in our bodies
  • Looking at what is the same and different about the children in our class
  • Able to talk about who is in our family and some of the traditions we follow
  • Thinking about how we have changed, what we were like in the past and how we are now