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Autumn Term - Amazing Africa

We are mathematicians! In Maths we will be...

  • reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers to 1 million
  • rounding numbers
  • understanding negative numbers
  • adding numbers with more than 4 digits
  • subtracting numbers with more than 4 digits ( inc. borrowing)
  • using formal multiplication 
  • using long and short division 
  • recapping our knowledge of factors and multiples 


We are authors! In literacy we will be...

  • reading and discussing a range of biographies
  • understanding the purpose behind biographies and their audience 
  • researching and writing a biography of a famous African figure
  • understanding the structure and organisation of a biography
  • understanding the language and vocabulary features of a biography 



We are digital explorers! In ICT this term we...

  • will be exploring the world through digital mapping. We shall be creating and following a GEO-CACHING treasure hunt!
  • will understand the importance of digital mapping systems on our everyday lives
  • will develop my research skills involving digital maps and geographically located information
  • will practice geo-caching skills by using the geo-caching app and exploring local geo-caches
  • will develop my ability to take photographs, audio and videos as an aid to give clues
  • will consider the audience when creating a geo-cache treasure hunt for others to explore


We are Spanish speakers! 

This term we shall be beginning our new MFL topic of Spanish! We will get to grips with all the basics of the Spanish language including:

  • Salutations
  • Number 1 -30
  • Class commands


We are Historians & Geographers! This term we will be finding out about the fascinating Benin empire. This will include:

  • Where it is and where this is in relation to other places in the world
  • When the empire was formed and how this fits into timelines
  • What the people of the Benin empire did in their daily lives
  • Who the rulers were
  • What trade happened under Benin rule
  • How the Benin empire fell and what the legacy is


We are Scientists! This term we will be finding out about living things and their habitats. This will include:

  • Life cycles
  • Classification of different species
  • Finding out who Charles Linneaus was and what he did
  • An investigation involving microbes


We are Artists! In art, we will be finding out about Michelle Reader and Megan Coyle. We will be:

  • Learning the techniques
  • Investigating their artistic styles
  • Planning our own artwork, for a purpose
  • Creating our own final pieces of Artwork in their styles


We are Musicians! As musicians, we are very excited to be learning the djembe drums. In these sessions we will:

  • Learn a range of rhythmic games
  • Learn and apply musical vocabulary
  • Develop our listening and appraising skills
  • Find out about the different sounds we can create using the drums
  • Use base and tone to create rhythmic patterns
  • Evaluate our music


We are Hockey Players! In PE we will be enjoying Hockey sessions. These will include:

  • Understanding the importance of warming up and cooling down
  • Learning to tackle and defending skills
  • Becoming accurate in passing
  • Taking part in team games and working cooperatively
  • Taking part in hockey matches