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Autumn - Is everybody's home the same?

Our topic for the Autumn term is...

Is everybody's home the same?

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During this topic the children will be learning about different types of houses and homes. This topic is very engaging for the children. It helps to develop their vocabulary and inspires lots of role play and story telling. We will be exploring our topic by asking ourselves lots of questions.


Our weekly questions will be:

Autumn 1

week 6: What is your home like?

week 7: Who lives in a castle? 


Autumn 2

week 1: Who has a home under water?

week 2: Who lives in a lighthouse?

week 3: Would you build a house out of straw, sticks or bricks for the three little pigs?

week 4: How can we build a better house for the three little pigs?

week 5: Who lives in a house like this?

week 6: How do homes get built?

week 7: If we could design our home what would it be like?


Our stunning start for our topic will take place on Thursday 10th October. We will be going on a walk around the local area to explore the different homes. 


During this topic, the children will have opportunities to design and build different homes using natural materials. 


In literacy we will be looking at the key text The Three Little Pigs. We will use this text to act out the story with puppets and retell it through our mark making and drawing. We will also be exploring a range of non-fiction books to help us develop our understanding of different homes from around the world.


In maths we will be practising our counting skills and simple number recognition to 10. We will be exploring what Numicon is and how it can support us with our learning.