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Autumn - Is everybody's home the same?

Is everybody's home the same?


Throughout the first five weeks of reception we will be focusing on settling the children into their new classes and helping them to learn their new routines. Whilst we do this staff will be assessing each child's starting points and collecting wonderful observations of them in their play to help us see what each child can do and where they need to go next. After we have completed these assessments and the settling in process we will jump straight into our first big question 'is everybody's home the same?' 


During this big question we will answer these smaller questions each week...

  • What is your home like? 
  • Who lives in a castle?
  • Who has a home underwater?
  • Who lives in a lighthouse?
  • Would you build a house out of straw, sticks or bricks for the three little pigs?
  • How can we build a better house for the three little pigs?
  • Who lives in a house like this? 
  • How do homes get built? 


As communicators we will learning to... 

  • Name a variety of homes 
  • Discuss our own homes and where we live
  • Retell familiar stories (the three little pigs)


As explorers we will be learning to... 

  • Identify features of homes in our local area 
  • Identify familiar buildings and places in our local area
  • Discuss animal homes and discuss hibernation 
  • Use Google maps to locate familiar places


As artists we will be learning to... 

  • Construct homes using a variety of bricks and construction kits
  • Recreate familiar buildings and landmarks with construction kits 
  • Recreate artwork in the style of Hundertwasser


As mathematicians we will be learning to... 

  • Match numbers to amounts
  • Sort objects into amounts 
  • Make simple patterns 
  • Count one more and one less


As readers we will be learning to... 

  • Retell familiar stories 
  • Use character voices 
  • Sequence familiar stories 
  • Hear initial sounds in words
  • Blend spoken CVC and CVCC words 


As writers we will be learning to... 

  • Draw and label simple maps
  • Label pictures with initial sounds 
  • Write initial sounds and CVC and CVCC words