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Autumn 2 - The Ancient Greeks



For our Autumn topic we will be finding out about the Ancient Greek civilisation.  



In this interesting topic we will be focusing on History, Geography, Art and Science. 


We will be finding out about where the Greek Period fits in History and what happened during these times. We will be asking and answering questions using a range of resources and methods. We will be finding out about the culture as a whole, but also key figures and the roles they played. 


In Geography we will be finding out about where Greece is and what its landscape is like. We will be finding out about the lands Alexander the Great conquered and how some of these have changed their names over time. 


In Art we will be getting creative and creating our own Greek pottery. We will be finding out about the different patterns the Ancient Greeks used and applying this to our work. 



Out Autumn 2 trip is the pantomime. 


We have already had a wonderful Greek feats, provided by Socrates in Sale, as our Stunning Start. 


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