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Autumn 1 - Stone Age to Celts

This half term our topic is the Stone Age to Celts!


In History, we will be exploring the lives of people from the earliest Stone Age in the paleolithic era through to the Celts. We will be learning about how lived, what they ate and weapons and tools that they used as well as how they changed over time.


In Science, we will be exploring healthy eating and nutritional content of different types of foods. Children will be researching the different food groups and investigating how to preserve food. We will also be comparing our diets to the diets of people in the Stone Age.


In DT, children will be investigating and building shelters suitable to protect a Stone Age child. They will need to consider how to strengthen their shelter, how to ensure that it is waterproof and that it can withstand poor weather.


In Computing, children will understand how a computer network works by hunting down the servers and Wifi spots around the school. They will relate this to IP addresses and act in the role of a computer to understand how messages are communicated.


Music sessions will focus on Celtic Music, exploring where it originated from and the different instruments used. They will compose their own piece of music in the style of Celtic Music and play it on a recorder, using more than one note.


In Literacy, we will be focusing on the story of Stig of the Dump by Clive King and the Ug by Raymond Briggs and the genres of narrative and explanation texts. Children will be identifying features of each genre, learning about grammar rules and spelling words that link with each unit and writing structured and independent pieces of writing.


In Maths, we will be exploring place value up to thousands, partitioning numbers, using number lines and comparing numbers. Children will move on to ordering numbers from least to greatest and recognising negative numbers. They will be given a variety of reasoning problems to apply and deepen their understanding of each area.