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Autumn 1 & 2 - The Vikings

The Vikings


For the next 2 half terms, Autumn 1 and Autumn 2, we will be delving into our new Vikings topic and enjoying lots of exciting learning opportunities. 


As writers within Literacy we will be:


  • writing for the purpose of telling a recount
  • punctuating our sentences with capital letters and full stops
  • sequencing information in chronological order 
  • using fronted adverbials for time followed by a commas
  • using time conjunctions to connect clauses
  • writing using the past tense
  • describing a setting
  • introducing and summarise
  • writing for the purpose of telling a story.
  • introducing and describe characters
  • using powerful verbs and adjectives
  • punctuating dialogue
  • include a dilemma


As Mathematicians we will be focusing on:


  • reading and writing the value of four digit numbers - thousands, hundreds, tens and ones
  • finding ten and one hundred more and less that a four digit number
  • comparing and order numbers to ten thousand
  • counting in thousands
  • adding and subtract multiples of one hundred
  • adding and subtract two, three and four digit numbers to four digit numbers
  • looking for patterns within the times tables up to 12 times tables.
  • counting in equal groups.
  • dividing multiples of up to 12 equal groups
  • continuing to improve our quick recall of the times tables up to 12 times tables.


As Scientists we will:

  • explore the properties of rocks
  • classify and group rocks based on their physical properties
  • recognise that soils are made from organic matter
  • investigate the permeability of rocks and soils
  • describe how fossils are formed 


As individuals who value our health and well being, in PSHE we will learn how to:

  • ask for help if we are worried about something
  • know who can keep us safe in school and our community
  • know how to seek help if we are concerned about our online safety
  • develop strategies for keeping physically and emotionally safe
  • recognise our strengths and recognise positive experiences
  • understand that bacteria and viruses can affect our health and know how we can reduce their spread.


As Historians and Geographers we will be:

This half term we are learning all about the Vikings, this will include learning about:

  • Viking place names in the UK 
  • Viking raids and invasions
  • The resistance by Alfred the Great and Athelstan, first King of England
  • further Viking invasions and Danegeld
  • Anglo-Saxon laws and justice
  • Edward the Confessor and his death in 1066


As Spanish speakers we will be:

  • learning salutations
  • class commands
  • numbers to 20


As Software Developers we will be:

  • developing an educational computer game
  • understanding and using variables
  • debugging computer programs
  • recognising the importance of user interface and design
  • understanding what to do if we don't like something we see online
  • understanding intellectual property rights when using images and sounds on the web.


As Artists we will be:

  • identifying complementary colours
  • using a variety of techniques including marbelling
  • creating different effects by using a variety of tools and techniques such as bleeds, washes, scratches and splashes.
  • enjoying and appreciating an artists work, Henry Rousseau