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Year 2 Miss Unsworth


Our beautiful ducks - as part of our Science work we have been looking at life cycles, including how animals are born and how they grow. Here are some photos of our beautiful ducks, Diamond, Donald, DJ and Dennis. They are a few days old in these pictures :)

Topic - Science - We have been learning about life cycles. We have been lucky enough to have our own ducks. We have loved watching them hatch and grow. We have also learned about what living things need to survive and the meaning of the words carnivore, herbivore and omnivore.

Literacy - In Literacy we have been looking at choral poetry. We enjoyed a poem called The Magic Box. We then designed our own aquarium and used this as inspiration to create our own poem called The Magic Aquarium. We have used repeated phrases, alliteration and similes in our poem.

Computing - We have been using the app 'Story Creator' to create a talkign book version of the King of the Tiny Things, which we have been studying in Literacy. We used text, photos, drawing, voice recording and sound effects to create super talking books which met the design brief.

Numeracy - In Numeracy we have been finding fractions of amounts. Here are some photos of the super work we have done!

History - We found out about toys from the past. Mrs Tarbuck came in and showed us her collection of very interesting old toys.

Computing - we learned abut programmable toys. We learned how to give directions and then used these skills to move the Bee bots around a maze and try to get them from one place to another. If it did not work at first we debugged our program and had another go.

Numeracy - We have been learning about adding and subtracting numbers on a number line. We have also been comparing numbers. We used cubes to help us!