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Reception Class Open Day from 10am on Friday 12th January 2018, please call us on 0161 912 5609 to book a place. We look forward to seeing you on the day.


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Monstrous Mountains and Raging Rivers

This term our topic will be Raging Rivers and Magnificent Mountains. During the term we will:


- Name and locate countries and cities of the UK.

- Use map skills to locate a range of places on an OS map.

- Locate hills, mountains, coasts and rivers on a UK and world map.

- Understand the nature of a river and how it changes on its journey from source to sea

- Understand the key features of rivers, the geographical vocabulary and definitions.

- Understand what happens as a river reaches the coast, including: estuaries, deltas, mudflats and salt marshes.

- Learn about some famous mountains and rivers.

- Understand how mountains are formed.

- Investigate Hokusai's art prints of Mount Fuji and create our own

Boat Science Investigation- Buoyancy and Gravity


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Classroom Poems
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Class Assembly- Romeo and Juliet

The Young Shakespeare Company- Macbeth

Science Day

Today for science day we are investigating air resistance. We are planning and carrying out an investigation to find out how air resistance can effect the speed of a person running. 

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The Tudors

Ordsall Hall

Our topic this term is the Tudors! As our stunning start, we will be visiting Ordsall Hall to go back in time and see how the Tudors lived.


In our History lessons we will be learning about Tudor Kings and Queens and key events in the Tudor period.


In Science we shall be exploring forces and learning about electricity.


In Design and Technology we will be making our very own Tudor food, using a traditional recipe.