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Reception Class Open Day from 10am on Friday 12th January 2018, please call us on 0161 912 5609 to book a place. We look forward to seeing you on the day.


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The Romans


The Romans are coming! The Romans are coming! 

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Throughout this term we will be exploring the fantastic and rich history of Roman Britain spanning from AD 43 - 410 


We have completed our Stunning Start for our topic where we traveled on a Roman voyage undertaking activities such as; mosaic decorating, wreath-making, shield constructing and Roman food taste-testing! We had a LOT of fun!


In History we will be delving into the past looking at such topics as...

- Life in Rome vs Life in Roman Britain

- Power of the Roman army

- The Roman influence on Britain today

- Roman battles between the Celts and Boudica c. 


We will also have a Geography focus where we shall be investigating....

-The land that made up Rome and how it has changed over time

-Naming and locating important towns and cities within the Roman Empire

-Comparing the land of Britain to Italy

-The influence and importance of Roman roads


In Art, we are going to spend time creating our own mosaics! We will perfect our designs using printing sticks before adding them to our own class mosaic! In our DT lessons we will be learning about Roman coin pouches and develop our stitching skills to create one for a wealthy Roman! 


Useful websites for our topic:

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