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Hello and welcome back to Year 2! This is our final half term of the year!


Your class teacher is Miss Unsworth and your teaching assistants are Mrs Seatree, Miss Beckett and Miss Mealor.  We hope you had an amazing half term break and are ready to learn lots more in Year 2!


Houses and homes

We will be finding out lots about this topic in our afternoon sessions, but it will also link to our Literacy and Numeracy.  


Literacy - Our book is called Meerkat mail. It is about a meerkat who is unhappy living with his family so tries to find a new home. However, he soon realises that his original home was the best and he misses his family lots! We will be retelling this story and writing diary entries.  Our grammar focus will continue to be capital letters and full stops but we will also look at using connectives to extend and improve our sentences. We will be looking at different sentence types, including: statements, commands, exclamations and questions. Our spelling focus will be homophones, such as sea / sea, there / their, where / wear and hear / here. 

Numeracy - We will be doing lots of investigations. We will also be doing some data handling work. 

Geography - Finding out about where Amundson and Scott travelled to. Comparing the climates in different countries and parts of the world. 

Computing - Using the Ipads to create  'how to' films and linking this to our DT work. 

Art- Learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and creating our own artwork in his style.  

DT - Creating houses for a range of animals. We will need to consider what they need to survive. 

Music - Music to show different animals. Musical about houses.

French - Basic greetings, feeling words, nouns, colours and basic sentences. 

PSHE - Relationships / family. Being special. Economic well being. 

PE - Street dance / Multi sports.

RE - What are special festivals? What is special about me? What groups do I belong to?

Musical theatre - Singing and dancing to 'our house'. 


There will also be some really exciting themed weeks:

British tea party - finding out about local history and having a whole school tea party!

PE week - lots of sporting activities and a great trip. 

Enterprise week - trying to create a brilliant product and raise lots of money!

This week in Year 2 we have been History detectives with Mrs Peacock!


We have examined evidence to find clues about two explorers, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Captain Scott.  


We found out about their adventures and then created a conscience alley to decide whether Scott should have gone to the South Pole.


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