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Reception Class Open Day from 10am on Friday 12th January 2018, please call us on 0161 912 5609 to book a place. We look forward to seeing you on the day.


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Hello and welcome to Year 2!


Your class teacher is Miss Unsworth and your teaching assistants are Mrs Seatree, Miss Beckett and Miss Mealor.  We hope you had an amazing Christmas break and are ready to learn lots more in Year 2!


The Circle of Life!

We will be finding out lots about this topic in our afternoon sessions, but it will also link to our Literacy and Numeracy.  


Literacy - Interrogating and retelling the story of The King of the Tiny Things. We will be finding out about this magical creature and writing adventure stories about him.  Our grammar focus will continue to be capital letters and full stops but we will also look at using connectives to extend and improve our sentences. We will also be looking it apostrophes to show possession and for omission. Our spelling focus will be words with silent letters, such as knot and gnaw. 

Numeracy - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.  

Geography - Learning the names of the British Isles, locating the continents and the equator. Finding out how life in a different country is similar and different to here and why the physical and / or human features of a country may affect which animals choose to live there. 

Computing - Using the Ipads to create 'Talking books' and using power point to create a slide show. 

Art- Learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and creating our own artwork in his style.  

DT - Creating sandwiches with different foods from around the world. Knowing how to be hygenic when preparing food. 

Music - Music to shw the movement of different animals in the style of the 'Carnival of the Animals' by Camille Saint-Saens

French - Basic greetings, feeling words, nouns, colours and basic sentences. 

PSHE - Relationships / family. Being safe with medicines. Keeping healthy. 

PE - Street dance / Multi sports.

RE - What are scared books and why are they special?

Musical theatre - Musics relating to the circle of life.