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We are about to be exploding off into our new topic! This half term we shall be learning about the majesty of volcanoes! We shall be getting some very practical learning opportunities throughout this topic, whether that is from creating our splatter-art topic front covers, or creating our own eruptions for science, even painting volcanoes in the style of Van Gogh!


Our main topics this half-term are...

  • Geography - learning where volcanoes are in the world/ how they are formed/ why they erupt
  • Science - States of Matter, looking in depth at solids, liquids and gases
  • Art - exploring the work of Van Gogh and painting in the style of him
  • ICT - using hyperlinks for our literacy writing (explanation texts)
  • French - revising the days of week and months of the year
  • And of course, Literacy and Maths :) 


We will also be undergoing lots of activities in the run-up until Christmas. We will be preparing for our Christmas Show at Christ Church where we will take part in whole school songs, year group songs and our own, very special performance. 


Our runs are still continuing, so make sure you have your FULL P.E. kit in EVERY DAY

Swimming is still every TUESDAY :)