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Following our E safety assembly today (28/02/19) there is a quiz on the curriculum computing area of the website for you to have a go at with your children.


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Spring 2- Space

Adventures in Space

This half term our topic is 'Adventures in Space'. We will be learning all about our solar system and finding out about the different planets.


Our English lessons will be linked to our space topic and we will be travelling back in time to learn about the first man who stepped foot on the moon. We will be researching facts from this historical event and creating news reports and newspaper articles from the time that the moon landings first happened. 


In science we will be looking at earth and space, and understanding how the rotation of the earth and orbiting the sun gives us night and day. We will also be learning about the other planets in our Solar System. Can you name all eight planets? In science we will also be focusing on forces and recognising the effects gravity, air resistance, friction and water resistance have on us and the things around us. 


Our French lessons will help us to understand directions in French, and using the vocabulary we learnt from last term about places in town, we will apply this learning to help us find our way. 


In computing we will be using scratch to continue developing our apps which we planned and researched last term.


In Design and Technology we will be building cranes that could be used on the Moon. We will learn all about how cogs, gears and pulleys work before designing and building our cranes using Lego. When we have created the cranes we will use computer software to program and control them.


In our STEM sessions we will be finding out about shelters that are used around the world and think about how we could design a shelter that could be used on the Moon.


For our mental health sessions our theme this half term is belonging. In music we will be creating our own compositions in the style of Gustav Holst after listening to his piece of music 'Mars the Bringer of War'.

Moon landing news report

Moon landing news report

Moon landing news report

Moon landing news report

Moon landing news report