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School Meals

School Lunches
Under the new government initiative 'Universal Free School Meals' - ALL children in Reception and KS1 are now entitled to free school meals. This initiative started in September 2014 and is continuing again for this academic year. We do not yet have any information regarding future years.


Children in KS2 and Nursery (if full time) are still required to pay for lunches. School lunches should be paid for each Monday in advance - £10.50 per week. Multiple weeks can be paid but the money again needs to be paid in advance. Any outstanding balances over £31.50 will now be sent to a debt collection agency for collection unless we have made alternative arrangements for collection. All school lunches must now be paid using our online payment system ParentPay

We would like to remind parents that we require one weeks notice if your child wishes to change from school lunches to packed lunches or vice versa. Even if your child has free school meals, we still require notice to ensure correct quantity of food is ordered by kitchen each week.

Packed lunches - All food brought from home must be packed in a sealed container and labelled with your child’s name. No hot fluids or glass bottles are allowed in school. In accordance with our Healthy School Initiative packed lunches should not contain chocolate, cakes, biscuits or fizzy drinks.

School Milk and Fruit
As a school we are making changes to the way we offer milk to the children in school so from Monday 2nd February 2015 every child will be offered FREE milk each day in school. For Nursery and Reception children this will be available in the classroom setting. In KS1 and KS2 (Year 1,2,3,4,5,6) this will be available to children at lunchtime. Please be aware this will be available as an option at lunchtime, the children will be able to choose if they want to take it or not.


Children from Year 1 upwards will still be able to purchase milk for consumption at break time as before, if required, at a cost of 15p per day.  Key Stage 1 should bring money in a named envelope for the class teacher each week. Key Stage 2 children can buy milk at morning break for 15p.

Children in Years Reception, 1 and 2 have a piece of fruit or vegetable free each afternoon as part of the Government’s Fruit Scheme. Children in Year 3,4,5 and 6 can buy fruit or vegetable at morning break for 20p

Please find below a list of the school lunches* we provide at Broomwood Primary School. We are currently working on a five week menu rotation.

Please note* This menu maybe subject to change