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The three key themes of this topic are: Safety, Changing and Growing and Healthy Lifestyles.

The focus of this core theme is to develop the ability to maintain, and recognise, what builds healthy relationships. As the Internet is a source that many of the children will use for communicating in today’s modern world, supporting the children to develop the skills to use the Internet safely is a focus in the Relationships curriculum. There is an emphasis on feelings and emotions, so that children can reflect on how they feel, as well as how their behaviour impacts on the feelings of others. Within the valuing difference topic, the children will be encouraged to embrace their unique personality and understand the differences between us, whether it be race, religion, gender, disability or different family structures. They will learn that people are sometimes treated differently and the implications of this, whilst learning that difference can lead to great success. Children are encouraged to listen to and value the different opinions of others. Bullying is a key element of this core theme, so that children are encouraged to understand what constitutes different types of bullying, as well as how to recognise and problem solve a bullying situation, especially unwanted touch. At Broomwood, we have an exciting anti-bullying themed week where the children are taught about various types of bullying.