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Neurodiversity - Autism and ADHD

What do I do if I think my child has autism or ADHD?

If you are worried your child has autism or ADHD, we encourage you to make an appointment with the school SENCO to discuss this further. We may be able to offer support in school or signpost you to other services who can help at home or in the community.

In order to have an autism assessment, it is expected that parents and carers have worked together to create an action plan to help support the areas your child finds difficult. 

What if I think my child needs an assessment for autism or ADHD?

The pathway for autism or ADHD assessment is different depending on which doctors surgery your child is registered at. 

If you child is registered at The Lakes Medical Centre, they will access the pathway through Carol Kendrick Centre in Wythenshawe (CAMHS). 

Children with significant social communication difficulties, or with high levels of impulsivity and difficulties with concentration may meet the criteria for assessment. A referral form for parents and carers to complete is attached below. 

If you child is registered at another Trafford based GP surgery, they will access the Trafford pathway. This is called the TASC pathway for autism assessment or TCAS for ADHD assessment.

Referral to the TASC and TCAS pathway starts with both parents, carers and schools completing a questionnaire which aims to identify areas of need and creating an action plan to support these needs both at home and at school. Once this plan has been worked on for 2 terms, and concerns remain, a referral into the TASC pathway may then be appropriate. This can be done by the school SENCO. 

The initial questionnaires are attached below.