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Living in the Wider World​​​​​​​

The three key themes of this topic are: Right and Responsibilities; The Environment and Money. 

Although a lot of the content of this theme is not statutory, it is equal in weight in terms of the benefits the learning opportunities will provide to the children’s knowledge and skills for later life. Understanding the rights of themselves and others is at the heart of this theme. Beginning at a school level, the children will learn about their responsibilities within the classroom before progressing to a community level and learning about special people in our community. Further still, the children will branch out their learning to look at more worldwide issues and universal human rights, whilst discussing times when human rights may be breached. To become helpful and knowledgeable members of society, the children will learn about different identities and ways of life, as well as looking more locally at what improves and harms our environment, along with their responsibilities towards it. During the money topic, the children will learn the role that money plays in our lives and how to spend and save responsibly.