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KS2 Accelerated Reader​​​​​​​

Dear Parents/Carers,

Accelerated Reader

What is it?

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading system with over 180,000 books with quizzes. Research shows that regular reading and quizzing means growth in reading ability.

How does it work?

*The programme provides an assessment on the computer which will be repeated every term. This will assign them to a specific range of books called a ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) range e.g. 1.3-2.4. This allows the children to choose from books which are challenging but not too difficult. Please don’t be concerned if the books appear ‘easier’ than they are used to-the books are levelled based on their language complexity and vocabulary Their ZPD will be recorded in the front of their reading record.

Reading ZPD score


My ZPD (zone of proximal development







*Children choose a book from anywhere within this range from our library or their class library.

*After finishing the book, the child will take a short multiple-choice quiz on a device in class to check their understanding of the text. (children will be aiming for at least 70% in the quiz)

*Each 100% score will be rewarded with a star with their name on which will be displayed on the ‘100% club’ display in the classroom. Each half term, these children will enter a prize draw to win a certificate. The more stars on the wall, the more chances to win!

*Reading books and % scores will be recorded in journals so you can see the quiz scores at home.

*Individual word counts will be tracked and rewarded in each class. ‘Word millionaires’ will be rewarded and celebrated in assemblies.

What about other books read at home?

Children can take quizzes on any books read at home (as long as they are recognised by Accelerated Reader) This builds up even more words.

Search for any book at home to see if there is a quiz (and see how many words it has) by either searching Accelerated Bookfinder UK and click on ‘Quick Search,’ or use the link below:

Simply type the name of the book in the ‘Quick search,’ click on the book and the word count will be displayed.

How is it monitored at school?

Percentage scores for each quiz taken and word counts will be closely monitored by teachers and displayed in classrooms. Number of quizzes taken each half term will be tracked.

How can I help?

Encouraging daily reading and recording in journals. Reading with/to children and discussing books read (this will help them in the quiz).

Please don’t hesitate to see your class teacher with any further questions.

Thank-you for your continued support.

Mrs McIntee

Year 4 teacher and Reading lead.

Book Finder UK
Use this link to search for a book on AR, to find its book level and word count